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APS Rate Increase

APS is raising their rates, again! Arizona Public Service Co. is looking to raise rates

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APS is raising their rates, again!

Arizona Public Service Co. is looking to raise rates again, more than two years after its previous price hike. In a filing with the Arizona Corporation Commission submitted Thursday, the state’s largest utility is requesting ways to raise customer rates about 5.6%, or about $184 million

The rate increase request is based in part — about 2.2% — on federal requirements to clean up the coal-fired Four Corners Power Plant. The rest would be a new increase, according to the filing. If approved, the new rates would be effective Dec. 1, 2020.

What does this mean for you?

As an APS customer without solar you are essentially renting your electricity from APS on a month-to-month basis. Unfortunately, APS continues to increase their rates every couple of years. 

What we recommend

Own your electricity with solar. As long as you are renting from APS, your electric bill will continue to increase whenever they decide to raise your rate.

Below is a graph outlining the continued increase of utility companies vs owning your electricity: 

Patrick O’Grady
Managing Editor, Phoenix Business Journal
October, 31, 2019

Power your future with solar.

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