Josh Easter

Sales Manager

Josh is a pivotal part of our sales team and we couldn’t imagine the office without him. He’s committed to his customers, his growing team of sales reps, and his lovely family. Odin Energy gave him an opportunity that changed his life.

Check the video to hear his inspiring story. 

Cody Allen

Sales Manager

Cody is one of our top performing Sales Managers here at Odin Energy. He came to us with zero sales experience, but with some determination, hard work, and a good attitude, he crushed our goals and now manages a successful sales team in the Phoenix market.

Check out his video to hear more. 

Three Commitments for Success

Odin Energy believes it’s necessary to make commitments in order to be successful. All of our new hires are asked to make these commitments when they join the team. It’s these commitments that bind us together and make us stronger. 

1. Do What's Required

The process required to succeed is taught at Odin Energy and will require more than just your best to achieve. Commit that you will do all that's required to achieve success.

2. Pursue Growth

Growth can take place in all aspects of your life. What you do in your personal life will have a direct effect on work, and vice versa. Commit that you will pursue growth daily in every area of your life (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and professional).

3. Be Generous

Give of yourself completely! You can give your time, talents, personality and self to all those you come in contact with. Commit that you will be generous by giving all that you have in all that you do.

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