How Efficient is Your Attic?

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How does your attic measure up?

You may be among the many homeowners who ignore their attic except for the quick trip to retrieve holiday decorations once a year, but ignoring your attic comes at a price through wasted energy and money. 

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that as much as 85% of the conditioned air lost in a house passes through the attic. Boosting attic insulation and air sealing can lower heating and cooling costs by 10 to 50% depending on the current level of insulation. 

At the same time, other variables are important. Not every home needs attic insulation. Even if it home does, things like venting, roof condition, air sealing, and exposed ductwork in the attic can significantly affect the overall heating and cooling system performance.

Measure your insulation levels

Go into your attic and take a look. You can even take a ruler or tape measure to measure the depth of insulation. 

One quick way to determine if you need more is to look across the length of your attic. If your insulation is just level with or below your floor joists, and you can see the joists easily, you should add more.

It is also important that the insulation be evenly distributed with no low spots. For example, sometimes there is enough insulation in the middle of the attic and very little along the eaves.

Seal your ducts

The EPA estimates that the typical American home has enough leaks, holes and gaps to be equal to an open window every day of the year. Proper depth and installation of insulation is one part of creating an energy efficient attic, but insulation can only be effective in the absence of air movement. Gaps of any size, due to utility penetrations, recessed light fixtures, furnace flues and duct chases are effectively holes in your ceiling that suck expensive heated or cooled air into your attic and to the outside. 

Is this a DIY project or do I need a professional?

If DIY is something you are experienced in, make sure you have the right safety equipment on hand. Some of the equipment you will need: gloves, dust mask, tape measure, eye protection, caulk and caulk gun and spray foam.

If you would rather hire a professional we can get you scheduled right away with insulation and Aeroseal. 

Power your future with solar.

Odin Energy makes the upgrade to energy efficiency effortless for our homeowners. We ensure that everything our customers experience is of the highest quality.

We take a close look at what makes your home unique and we customize a solution to fit your home, values, lifestyle, and financial goals. Not only do we customize each solution, but we offer financing options in order to meet your goals. Our hearts go into every home we work on.

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