Insulation Removal

How often do you go up into your attic? Maybe once a year, to pull out the holiday decorations?

Next time you go up there, take a look around. Look at the insulation. What do you see?

Is it fluffy? Clean? Thick? (At least ten inches.)

Or is it hard and compacted? Black and splotchy? Thin? (Sunken down to a few inches or less.)

Many homebuilders cut costs by using cheap insulation. It does fine at first … but in a matter of years, it deflates and hardens. The air pockets in fluffy insulation is what helps it prevent heat transfer. If the cheap insulation settles, it no longer prevents heat transfer like it should.

If you have lived in your home a few years and never addressed the attic insulation, this has probably happened to you … and it’s costing you. 

Improper attic insulation causes your home to bleed the air you spent a fortune to heat or cool, resulting in higher energy bills, more wear-and-tear on your HVAC, and a less comfortable home.

Worse, your insulation could have become infested with organisms, allergens, and black mold — especially if a leaky roof caused it to become damp in a rain storm. These contaminants can sift into your home, causing inflamed allergies and even disease.

Some studies have shown that the air inside homes is up to FIVE TIMES dirtier than the air outside. Contaminated insulation is a major culprit.

If you suspect that your insulation has become useless or even contaminated, it’s time to get rid of it. 

ODIN Energy can remove your bad insulation quickly, safely, and efficiently — often in as little as one day.

Letting ODIN give your attic a fresh start means:

The chance to add high-quality insulation,

maintaining the envelope of your home longer, with lower energy bills and longer useful life for your HVAC.

Better health in your own home.

Dirty insulation can cause fatigue, allergy symptoms, respiratory illness, or worse. Getting rid of it helps you breathe easier.

Peace of Mind.

ODIN Energy is a team of experienced professionals. We have the tools and the knowledge to give your attic the clean slate it deserves.


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